How to get here

To get there from the central station of NAPLES (Piazza Garibaldi) there are several options, all equally valid:
1) Metro: From level (-2) of Naples Central Station, go to the entrance to the metro - line 1. Take the metro towards Piscinola (certainly the only possible direction given that the Garibaldi stop is the terminus for now) and decide if you want to get off at the second stop, MUNICIPALITY, or the third, TOLEDO.
TOWN HALL: It is the closest stop, just 50 meters from our B&B. Follow the signs for the Via Medina/Via Cervantes/Palazzo San Giacomo exit. As soon as you come out you will see the Maschio Angioino in front of you. Turn around: the street you are on is Via Medina. Stay on the same sidewalk and continue straight. After the church of Santa Maria dell'Incoronatella, in the Pietà dei Turchini, there is a white building: it is number 17, right next to the Fratelli La Bufala pizzeria.
TOLEDO: . Exit the station in the direction of Toledo and get off at the Diaz station. The fourth street on the right is Via Medina. We are halfway on the left.

2) TAXI. The predetermined rate for Piazza Municipio is €12.00. Here you will find the standard rates established by the Municipality of Naples.

If you arrive by plane at CAPODICHINO AIRPORT.
You can reach us in two ways:
3) TAXI – The flat rate of 21.00 euros for Piazza Municipio is also required. In any case, we recommend that you agree on the travel price before travelling. Here you will find the standard rates established by the Municipality of Naples.
4) ALIBUS – special bus at a cost of 5.00 euros per person which stops only at the airport, central station and port – Molo Beverello. If you decide to get off at the train station, follow the instructions in point 1) or 2). Alternatively, you can get off at the Molo Beverello stop and go up the sidewalk in front of Piazza Maschio Angioino and turn right at the fifth intersection which you will find on Via Medina. Number 17 is more or less in the centre, on the right, after the Hotel Turchini, a church and the Fratelli La Bufala pizzeria. You can find the timetables and further information on the Alibus here.

Follow the directions for the center of Naples - Marina - Molo Beverello - Maschio Angioino. At the crossroads you are in Via Nuova Marina. Follow it to the end: at the end, Via Nuova Marina narrows and becomes Via Alcide De Gasperi, finally ending in Via Agostino De Pretis. After a few meters you will find Piazza Municipio with the Maschio Angioino. Turn right, walk to the square and take the first street on the right: you will arrive through the medina. We are approximately in the centre, on your right: the white building after the church, next to the Fratelli La Bufala pizzeria.
If you wish, you can park in the Gran Garage Incoronata in Via dell'Incoronata, closed and guarded 24 hours a day. The guide price is €25.00 per day for small and medium-sized cars and €35.00 per day. for SUV or SW vehicles. Make sure you inquire about the parking fees in advance to avoid misunderstandings. We remind you that in the Naples workshops you must leave the keys in the car.